The Program

The ReCODE Protocol developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen is based on a comprehensive, scientifically proven lifestyle approach to help prevent and/or reverse cognitive decline.  His 30+ years of research has identified 36 holes in the roof of our brain, meaning there are 36 areas that need to be addressed. One drug will never plug 36 holes, so by plugging as many of those holes as possible through intensive lifestyle changes we can make a HUGE impact!  

Utilizing functional medicine as its foundation, which identifies and resolves the root cause of disease, the protocol seeks to optimize nutrition, exercise, detoxification (mold, heavy metals, etc.), supplementation to support deficiencies including hormones, sleep, stress reduction (via mind-body practices), and incorporates brain training, which together are known as the Bredesen Seven.  Not to worry, our team includes ReCODE Health Coaching,  Neurofeedback, Meditation, and Mind/Body professionals along with the assistance of Functional/Integrative MD’s to help you master the protocol and see results!

ReCODE was designed to address the five key areas below:

  1. Insulin resistance – this is a massive problem in the United States and in many countries around the world, but the good news is, it’s very fixable.  And, in some cases, medication may be reduced or discontinued with the approval of a physician!
  2. Inflammation and infections – these are either not dealt with effectively, or are never detected at all and can damage your cognitive abilities without you even knowing about it.
  3. Optimization of hormones, nutrients, and trophic factors – often overlooked, or unfortunately dismissed as potential problems while they contribute to a decline in memory decline and other cognitive skills.
  4. Exposure and absorption of chemical, biological and physical toxins – these hide within your brain and tissues and can cause random mystery symptoms.  They “may” be treated with pain killers and the like, but the original offender is never identified and removed, and thus it quietly wreaks havoc on your brain 24/7.  
  5. Restoring and protecting either lost or dysfunctional synapses – when your brain’s synaptic network (firing and wiring) is no longer doing its job as it should, how will you know?  Will your doctor?

WHO is checking and protecting your brain from all of this?  That’s where a functional medicine doctor comes in, who will address the root cause, along with myself and my team to help you implement the protocol!  With our unique combination of ReCODE Health Coaching, Neurofeedback, Meditation, and Mind/Body approaches, we’ll guide you every step of the way, mind, body and spirit for optimal success.  Schedule a call with us to find out how.   

On a personal note:
The protocol may not be as complex as rocket science, but it is very comprehensive.  Getting the implementation right makes all the difference between continuing to know who your family is, where you live, and how to take care of yourself without a caregiver…OR, being complacent by playing Russian roulette, hoping you can escape Alzheimer’s disease.  Unfortunately, in the latter, the stakes are against you. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but I watched it happen to my mother (and her sister) before ReCODE was available, and all I can say is, you don’t want that.  There is an alternative!

Find out how you can prevent or reverse cognitive decline with Dr. Bredesen’s ReCODE Protocol NOW, before it’s too late.     

ReCODE Health Coaching

The ReCODE protocol is a very comprehensive set of specific lifestyle guidelines that must be optimized based on the results of your personalized ReCODE report, which we will discuss when you schedule your call.  As your ReCODE health coach, I am on the front lines with you, to help you achieve the results you need along with a functional medicine doctor to execute the protocol to either prevent, or reverse cognitive decline.  We will work on your nutritional needs, sleep, exercise, stress reduction techniques, brain training activities, your environment, and more.  The ReCODE Protocol is a journey, not a sprint and we will continually make adjustments to optimize your results and keep our eyes on the prize…together!! 

All health coaching sessions are conducted by Zoom, or phone to suit busy lives! 


Mind/Body Coaching


Neurofeedback, also known as EEG Biofeedback, is a safe, non-invasive, scientifically-proven technique to enhance brain function that is performed by either psychotherapists or certified Neurofeedback therapists.  The process is painless and uses electrodes that are placed in strategic locations on your head to provide “feedback” to you about your brain activity. The locations chosen are directly related to areas of the brain that are affected by cognitive decline. Signals are then sent to a computer that you interact with in real-time. During a session, you are rewarded for patterns that are best suited for you. This teaches you how to self-regulate your own brain waves without medication or other therapy. A study performed in 2016 at the department of Medical Psychology, Catharina Hospital in the Netherlands has confirmed its effectiveness for treating Alzheimer’s disease.

We are excited to include Neurofeedback as part of your ReCODE program by working with a variety of Neurofeedback experts.  For our out of state clients, we will provide you with a recommendation for a Neurofeedback professional in your area.  


Meditation plays a far bigger role in cognitive health than you may expect. The effects of meditation on the brain are truly astounding! In fact, Dr. Bredesen has become a firm believer after learning the proven scientific evidence which includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Gyrification – MRI scans have shown that meditation increases Gyrification, or corticol folding which allows the brain to process information aster.  The extent of gyrification is highly implicated as being positively related to intelligence.
  2. Brain Function – Meditation increases while brain function, by synchronizing the right and left hemispheres of the brain while increasing balance and amplitude in alpha, theta and delta brain-wave patterns.
  3. Cognition – Meditation improves cognitive function, mindfulness and the ability to sustain focus by increasing grey matter, brain volume and cerebral blood flow.
  4. Focus – Meditation improves focus by causing an increase in corticol thickness in regions of the brain responsible for attention.
  5. Stress Reduction – Meditation decreases stress and anxiety by downregulating cortisol and adrenaline creating a state of deep relaxation in which our breathing, pulse rate, blood pressure, and metabolism are decreased.
  6. Mood – Meditation increases dopamine and serotonin levels by stimulating regions of the brain which are associated with happiness and positivity.


Our online meditation expert is Jude Johnson, who offers MBSR (Mindful Based Stress Reduction) to our clients. Anyone can meditate, no experience is necessary!  

Mind/Body Coaching

The mind is an incredibly powerful tool that is often neglected when it comes to healing and reversing dis-ease.  Yet, there are several studies and proof that it has a profound effect and we are just now awakening to its abilities!  If you’ve ever heard of the placebo effect, you are aware that your thoughts influence the way your body responds to a stimulus, i.e., a clinical drug trial, for example.  People who take the placebo (non-drug) experience the exact same healing as those who take the drug. Their belief is so strong that they are taking a medication that will cure their ailment, that it actually allows the brain to direct the body to do just that!

Ana Marinho is on our team as your mind/body coach and will work with you one-on-one to overcome any mental/emotional blocks and/or obstacles you may have as you move through the ReCODE Protocol to help make your changes stick for optimal cognitive AND overall health!