ReCODE Protocol

Dale E. Bredesen, MD

The New Definition of Alzheimer’s

Dr. Dale Bredesen’s 30+ years of research in Neurodegeneration has proven that Alzheimer’s is essentially caused by “36 holes in the roof” of your brain, meaning, there are 36 perpetrators and likely many more that lead to the diagnosis of cognitive decline, and eventually Alzheimer’s disease.  This is not a disease with one specific path of destruction, but rather one that develops insidiously from a variety of deficiencies and hidden toxins that can begin as early as 20 years prior to diagnosis!  In fact, he recommends that everyone 45 years old and over perform a “Cognoscopy,” which involves simple testing to determine a baseline and begin any necessary lifestyle changes NOW, to prevent the needless onset of cognitive decline in the future.  

Alzheimer’s disease was previously believed to be a result of the build-up of amyloid plaque that destroys the brain over time, however, Dr. Bredesen’s work has shown that amyloid plaque is actually a protective response to onslaughts such as inflammation (infections or trans fats), suboptimal nutrients, trophic factors, and/or hormone levels, and toxins (heavy metals and biotoxins such as those from mold and bacteria).  What a revelation!! And, he further revealed that there are several different types of Alzheimer’s, each with their own unique set of characteristics, yet some are combinations.

Dr. Dale Bredesen has identified the following four most common sub-types of Alzheimer’s disease (additional sub-types include Type 4, Vascular and Type 5, Trauma):

Type 1:  Inflammatory, “Hot”

  • Occurs more often in people that have 1 or 2 copies of the ApoE4 gene (the highest risk for Alzheimer’s) and often runs in families.
  • Increase in C-Reactive Protein, an inflammatory marker
  • Decreased ratio of Albumin to Globulin
  • Increase in interleukin-6
  • Increase in tumor necrosis factor
  • Metabolic and hormonal abnormalities; i.e., insulin resistance

Type 1.5:  Glycotoxic, “Sweet”

  • A combination of Type 1 and Type 2
  • High glucose levels
  • High levels of insulin = insulin resistance
  • A result of program downsizing; an imbalance in the production and destruction of synapses.

Type 2:  Atrophic, “Cold”

  • Suboptimal hormone levels such as thyroid, adrenal, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and pregnenolone.
  • Low levels of Vitamin D3
  • Insulin resistance, or insulin is too low
  • High homocysteine

Type 3:  Toxic, (“Vile”)

  • Affects many areas within the brain, resulting in shrinkage
  • Neuroinflammation and vascular leak (shown via MRI)
  • Low zinc/high copper, thus a high ratio of copper to zinc
  • Often improperly diagnosed as frontotemporal dementia, depression, or atypical Alzheimer’s.  PET scans prove otherwise.
  • Hormonal abnormalities; the system that responds to stress is out of balance including the hypothalamus, pituitary at the base of the brain, and the adrenal glands that are on top of the kidneys. Together, they are known as the HPA-axis. Tests often reveal low cortisol, high reverse T3 (thyroid test), low free T3, low pregnenolone, low estradiol, low testosterone, and hormonal abnormalities.

High blood levels of toxins such as Mercury, or mycotoxins from mold.  Note, however, blood levels are not as accurate and chelation is actually suggested for its ability to pull it from the tissues based on urine collected over a period of six hours.

What is the ReCODE Protocol
Why ReCODE Works
Who is ReCODE for

What is the ReCODE Protocol

The ReCODE Protocol is a scientifically proven (click here for the most recent published Clinical Trial), personalized programmatic lifestyle approach for preventing and reversing cognitive decline.  Specifically, it is designed for those with pre-Alzheimer’s disease including Subjective Cognitive Impairment (SCI), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), Early Alzheimer’s disease, and anyone who is at risk genetically.  

Developed by Dr. Dale Bredesen, an Internationally recognized expert in Neurodegenerative Disease and author of The End of Alzheimer’s, the ReCODE Protocol has revolutionized the way in which we see, treat, and resolve this devastating illness affecting 5.2 million (as of 2017) that has been irreversible and deadly…until now!  AND, the exciting news is…there are now approximately 2,000 people who have successfully reversed cognitive decline and have maintained their improved status for the last 7yrs, as of “patient zero,” Dr. Bredesen’s first patient in 2013.  In a time when there is no drug in existence or any with promise in clinical trials, the ReCODE Protocol has cracked the code of Alzheimer’s!

Listen to Dr. Dale Bredesen explain “WHY” we get Alzhiemer’s Disease, and how it CAN be treated!

Dr. Bredesen’s message is loud and clear.  Waiting is essentially putting yourself on death-row, with no repeal.  The earlier you begin to treat the “root cause” and implement the customized recommendations from your ReCODE Report, the better chance you have for preventing or reversing cognitive decline.  The ReCODE protocol is your ticket to either maintaining or improving your cognitive health so you can enjoy a full life without the fear forgetting who your family is, familiar places, the ability to work, drive, how to speak, feed, clean and dress yourself and all the beautiful details of your existence.  The time to prevent cognitive decline from stealing your life, or to reverse Alzheimer’s in your loved-one is NOW!  Schedule a call to get started.

Why ReCODE Works

The ReCODE protocol is based on a functional medicine model that utilizes a personalized, targeted “root cause” approach, versus the very outdated and  unsuccessful, treat the “symptoms” approach.  For those who may not be familiar, functional medicine has been around for more than 25yrs and is now the basis for what cutting edge physicians have coined as “21st Century Medicine.”  Instead of masking symptoms with medication in traditional medicine, functional medicine digs much deeper to determine the “root cause(s)” of dis-ease to reverse chronic illness. The ReCODE protocol is successful for this very reason.  In addition, the beauty of ReCODE is that it addresses EACH of the neuro-terrorists from having any chance of destroying your brain!



The ReCODE Protocol is designed to:

  1. Prevent and reduce inflammation from viruses, bacteria, mold, and parasites, as well as sugar and trans-fats.
  2. Optimize hormones and trophic factors including brain derived neutrophic factor, and nutrients including vitamin D and folate, and…
  3. Eliminate toxins like mercury from amalgam/silver fillings and seafood, high copper, and biotoxins.

Dr. Bredesen’s 30yrs of dedicated work in neurodegeneration and recent case studies have shown that by addressing the root cause of WHY someone develops Alzheimer’s, they can put the dis-ease process in reverse and improve and maintain their cognitive abilities as long as they start early enough and adhere to the program as closely as possible.  

Who is ReCODE for

ReCODE is designed for those with Subjective Cognitive Decline (SCI), Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI), early Alzheimer’s, or those who are at risk genetically where Alzheimer’s runs in the family.  Age does not make a difference since some people have experienced signs as early as 40 and some as old as 80.

If you’ve been forgetting things you shouldn’t, avoiding calculating tips, struggling to remember names and faces you should know, or on the flip side…you haven’t experienced any symptoms but are concerned due to family history, ReCODE is for you, right now!  Schedule your call to find out if you’re a candidate.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, click here to schedule your call where you will learn more about the process, and determine if you are a candidate for the ReCODE Protocol.  Then, you’ll immediately be taken to a short form to provide us with a little information about yourself.  We can’t wait to speak to you!